Words to My Kin

an old letterIt has been quite a few years here abroad, and although I’ve managed to make new friends and learn new things, I cannot take away the good memories I have of my home. I believe that it is my duty to try and help my community in any way I can, even though I am not present there – this is why I use the Internet as my chosen tool. I believe that information is the most powerful resource on the planet.

I’ve gladly dedicated my efforts to informing those people around me and readers on the Internet about the Outer Hebrides. No matter where I go, even a slight gust of wind reminds me of the powerful gales and gentle breezes of my homeland. It was a pleasure for me to share my stories with people from the US, but I want to do more. A general lack of information doesn’t allow me to expand this website properly, and this is where my countrymen and women come in.

I urge you, fellow islanders to send me your stories! Let me show the world both your struggles and celebrations to the world and inform them of a truly magical place that many call home. Should the Hebrides host any sports events, organize charities and do anything to develop the popularity of the Western Isles in any way, let my website be the hub through which I will channel your needs.

I Remain Vigilant

I am honoured to call myself an Islander, and there is no other place I would call home. Though I face different kinds of challenges here, it is the memories and thoughts of my homeland that drive me to try a little harder and do everything better. Know that I am always open to a discussion and will gladly publish any story you would like me to feature on the website.

For now, “feumaidh mi ruith”, but I will see you again!