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a castle in Scotland
I cannot talk about the islands and not mention the tourism potential it has. This industry generates approximately £65 million of revenue each year, which is always put to good use by its residents. The tourist sector not only provides steady jobs for its residents but also opens up various business opportunities for many native and foreign investors. Today, we take a look at some of the most remarkable things about the Outer Hebrides.

Castles and Broches

Ardvourlie, Borve, Kisimul, Lews, Ormacleit… these are just a few names of castles that date from as early as the 13th century and are considered to be some of the greatest places to visit when going to the Western Isles. Perhaps what is even more interesting, is that the islands are also populated with a number of ancient Broches, that date back to the Iron Age. Visitors always like to see what those sites have to offer.

Home of the Harris Tweed

The Harris tweed is the name given to the hand-woven cloth, produced only in the Outer Hebrides. It is made from pure wool, which is dyed and spun. The entire process from start to finish is native to the Western Islands, and the cloth itself is easily recognizable by its herringbone pattern, and thick layer. This cloth gained such popularity, that an industry was later introduced that would provide jobs for many native weavers.

The Stones

The Callanish stones are a mystical site to behold. When one would see them, they will be reminiscent of the Stonehenge located in the UK. Erected in the late Neolithic era, this stone circle has served as a place for worship for many Gaelic communities over the course of thousands of years. The site is managed by Historic Environment Scotland organization, which has established a visitor’s centre and assists in the display of the site for tourists.

The Mission of Tourist Organizations

Many tourist organizations in the Outer Hebrides work together towards a common goal. They want to develop, promote, and sustain all types of tourism activities, as this will not only show one of the most wonderful parts of Scotland but also help the people living there. Additionally, besides tourism organizations are always keen on helping investors who are interested in opening any type of businesses there.

Always Look for Locally Made Merchandise

Taking a souvenir or two is a good thing, but using local products and wares is definitely worth it. Local people put much time and effort into making an outstanding array of cultural clothing, dishes, and native art, and it is all amazing. Usually, visitors recognize local wares, by the stylized Outer Hebrides logo on the packaging.

Worthy to Visit Again

People are easy going, the cuisine is superb, and nature reveals its splendor with the change of each season. Due to the Northern positioning on the islands, however, people are always advised to carry with themselves some type of a raincoat – as unpredictable rainfalls are known to be a common occurrence. Whatever the case might be, the Outer Hebrides is a destination that will create many good memories for you.

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